Last Night’s Meetup 30/07/2014


What does soldering, chatting, testing and pizza have in common? A super meet up at Maker Labs!

Compared to previous meet ups, last night was a bit lean but fun none the less….

The evening started off with Mark going on with his tin-foil-hat theories and Matthew designed the best looking TFH for Mark


Kurt purchased a Nucleo board recommended by Lee, and brought it along for some testing and playing. The whole team was on hand giving him some tips and advice.



Matthew’s miniature robots is taking shape. Devin brought along some SMD components for the robot swarms, and Matthew had great fun soldering these minute components onto the proto-board.


Black Jack is making awesome progress and is very close to printing it’s first print. Devin shared some expert knowledge on the software and firmware for the printer.


Whilst Jack Frost is about three weeks away from it’s first print.



Marius decided that Franken Printer is not enough, and a Franken Scnner is needed by any maker space. He started playing with an old scanner donated to Maker Labs.


What will we get up to next week? Who knows…. But I know  it’s gonna be another rocking night!

Over and out!

Last Night’s Meetup 23/07/2014


What a meeting last night! Leather working, PCB designing, general chit chat and toasted ham and cheese!

Tom van den Bon from Binary Space joined us. Devin and Tom discussed PCB design and Tom gave some valuable tips and what to do and what to avoid.



We have been talking about a leather working course @makerlabs for a  while now, seems like we ill have that very soon. Johan brought through some of his tools and sample leather. Devin and Johan discussed in great detail what an how the course ill work. Watch this space.



Kevin and Marcel made good progress with the two Jacks. Marcel re-mounted his electronics and added the power cable while Kevin managed to insert the linear bearings, not without some difficulty. Stephen could not make it, as he had to study for exams.


Kevin showed off Stephen’s work to a new member and Einstein decided to take a nap with Mark coding away.


So all in all, not a bad way to spend 3 hours!

See you all next week….

Last Night’s Meetup 16/7/14

We had great fun last night, with some new faces and some new hacks at #makerlabs


Jan told his car that the Arduino is a CD Shuttle, and this way he can connect bluetooth and other devices.


Marcel and Steven worked very hard on their 3D printers and making some good progress. Marcel started mounting electronics and cleaned some wiring and Steven received some parts from Devin and started wiring of the mega.
Marcel’s printer was nicknamed JackFrost a few months ago by friends of his, and so last night, Steven’s printer was name – BlackJack


Matthew started working on his robot swarm, collecting a vibrating motor from an old cellphone…
Keeping his work space very tidy!


Marius brought along local resident, Franken Printer and showed off some of the toys he has printed.


Mark worked on his Pi and and code. He also had a chat with Marcel about some gam development in the near future. But his main contribution to the evening was the preparation of the toaster….
Thx Mark!


Next week?

More building, tweeting, and eating!
Come join us…

Till next time, happy making!