Last Nights Meetup – 21/05/14

This week we had a new member join us. Welcome Noto.

Johan bought us a fire extinguisher which some how did not get its picture taken

Franken printer has a new personality, Marius updating its firmware to marlin.

Marcel worked hard and getting the mendel90 y carriage build. Dont be alarmed he is just cutting the bolts shorter

We bottle the Marks real ale.

First had to figure out why the pump wouldn’t work. It was a loose wire which came loose from the arduino

We had Mark and Noto doing the capping while I filled the bottles. (Below the unbottled ale in the fermenter)

Lining up the beer for the bottle-ageing process

Did a quick test with the think pink but it seemed that something was shorting and kept resetting the arduino. Will need to investigate

Marcel started to put together a fume extractor for the space.

What’s in store for the next meetup:
Marcel will be putting the x and z axis together on his 3d printer
Johan will hopefully measure up for the desks and shelving (if one of us can remember a 5m tape measure)
Pressure testing the bottle washer/sanitizer to work out what size pump we need
Draw out the bottle carousel.
Discuss more group based makerlabs projects
Till next time…

Happy Hacking!

Last Nights Meetup – 15/05/14

This weeks meeting went down well. We discussed a lot of project ideas that need to be document them so we can prioritise them.
Marcel 3d printer electronics arrived gadgets 3d. Best value for money 3d electronics kit around

Marcel started to put together his printer. the Mendel90 made from 16mm mdf.

Johan gave us a visit and help give some ideas on the cnc project. We also discussed putting in some shelving and some additional desk space

Mark finished soldering his project board. didnt manage to get it to light up so we will need to fault find next week

I worked on the bottle capper. put the frame together to see how it all fits together. will need to organise the pnematic fittings, mill out a capping tool and strengthen the frame.

tried booting up the cnc’s laptop with ubuntu but had no luck. Mark will take a look at it next week and see if he can put his ubuntu skills to work
Marcel donated a drill to space:)
What’s in store for the next meetup:
Marcel will continue with his 3d printer build.
We will be bottling Marks ale. 2 or 3 people capping beers this time will make it a painless experiencee
Johan is bringing some insulation and a fire extinguisher for the reflow oven. Hoping to finalise this
Measuring up the space for the shelving and desks.
assembling parts for the bottle sanitizer
Till next time…

Happy Hacking!

Last Nights Meetup – 07/05/14

This week we met up after voting and put in a fair share of work on some of the projects we are working on.
Matt decided to brew up a batch of Indian Pale ale

We forgot the large brewing spoon so we had to use the tiny one on the left.

Matt improvising. There was too much foam to close up the fermenter

Marcel started work on his mendel90. I brought through 90% of the parts there is just a few printed parts and some 8mm rods needed to put it together.

I wired up the new relay board to the reflow oven and gave it a test run. We’re still not getting the ideal heating times yet though.

Matt Got a awesome new shiny soldering station for his birthday. He brought it around to give it a test drive.

Matt soldered up a attiny on to a pieces of bread board and ran a blink example off it. Worked well so it will be the start of many attiny projects to come.

We gave the first Pale Ale a taste as its been ageing for a week and half. Really maturing nicely. gets better with every week that goes by.

Worked on a couple ideas for the bottling line we are building for beer.
There will be a small carousel to move the bottles between the filling and capping stations.

We will also be building a sanitizer that will take 12 bottles at a time.

What’s in store for the next meetup:
Next week the new mendel90 mechanically put together.
Put together a prototype of the beer carousel.
Assemble the beer capper.
Till next time…

Happy Hacking!

Last Nights Meetup – 30/04/14

This week was a bit of a lean meetup as a few of the projects have hit a spot of testing and debugging. So i’ve thrown in on our bottling experience from last Saturday during the braai.
Matt received his fpv head gear on Wednesday. He got it all wired up and transmitting. Looked pretty sick.
I removed the temp sensor from the reflow oven as we were getting some bad readings.
Once removed it worked perfectly so we will need to figure out what’s causing the problem when mounted in the oven.
Replaced the relay with one that works with 5v so I no longer need to move it around with a 12v bench power supply.
Lee came around for a chat. showed some cubie boards off. didnt have a screen for him to demo what he’s been working on
I turned beers we had bottled the week before to suspend the the priming sugar particles.
Marcel hacked away at get linuxcnc to connect to the cnc electronics. It seems that the usb port on the controller board is just for show and we will need to connect to it via the parallel port/
Marks nearly finished up soldering his kit board and should light it up next week.
Matt generously donated a pack of hot dogs and some rolls for the evening. more than enough to go around leaving a couple for Einstein to munch.
Bottling of the beer:
Saturday marked the first bottling of the beer. It was really successful and we managed to get 50 clear bottles of beer out of the fermenter.
We kicked the day off by sanitizing 25L of water to sanitize the bottles and caps that will be used for the day.
Matt prepared the peristaltic pump by sterilising the pipe and running a few test fills with the sanitized water.
We then started sanitizing bottles, emptying them and adding priming sugar.

Filling them to 400ml and lining them up on the table ready for capping

The siphon tube place in just deep enough to not suck up the sediment that’s settled at the bottom of the bucket.

We then capped each one with a sterilized cap using the 2 handed capper which can be quite finicky.

Once I had then all capped cleaned up and put them aside to to start their final step before they can be drank, carbonation.

What’s in store for the next meetup:

Working on a pneumatic bottle capper to save time on capping all those bottles.

Reflow oven tests

Marcel will be starting his 3d printer build.

See if we can connect linuxcnc to a pc that has a parallel port.

Till next time…

Happy Hacking!