Sumo Bot JNR build, next week regular meetup group build.

Hey All,

So Devin and Matt have been building Sumo bot at Makerlabs over the last few months sourcing and testing a customized but mostly standard Sumo Bot JNR’s. We have a few standard contest arenas built for basic battle with some future one day challenges to test your problem solving skills.

For the regulars or adventurous below is a kit list of what is required, buy what you need dont buy what you have and get your parts together for a build next week. Feel free to buy from where ever you like this is just for easy reference, the servos we would suggest to order these exact units.

Description Qty Unit Cost Total Link
Line Follwer Module 2 R28.50 R57.00
Continuos Servo 2 R256.50 R513.00
Ultrasonic Sensor 1 R96.90 R96.90
Arduino Uno 1 R215.46 R215.46
Battery Holder 1 R20.52 R20.52
Ball bearing 1 R25.00 R25.00 Ask Matthew/Devin
Bearing Holder 1 R5.00 R5.00 Ask Matthew/Devin To 3D Print
Frame 1 R5.00 R5.00 Ask Matthew/Devin To mill/cut
    Total Cost ex Frame R937.88  


Here is a link to the GIT Hub files with the cutting files (for reference) as well as the Arduino code to get you started. Feel free to chop and change the code as you see fit.


Feel free to contact Devin or Matthew ASAP if you need help with sourcing parts and to let us know if you need a frame so we can arrange it gets cut, print bearing holder and purchase bearing for the front castor for you.

Happy hacking, hope to see you next week for the build.



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