Robot Challenges

The Robot Challenges has officially started.

Robot Challenge Stage 1
Complete the set maze by traversing the maze from one end to the other end. Your robot should not use any sensors. The cubes are 230mm by 230mm. There are 4 waypoints and you have to start from the beginning each time. Your name and time goes on the scoreboard on each waypoint you pass.

If you beat stage 1 (reach wp4), you win a custom made MakerLabs Robot Challenges Stage 1 medallion.

The Set Maze
Score Board
Simple no sensor bot.

Prize are subject to change on each stage of the Robot Challenges.

Good luck robot technicians.

The challenge has been made. Who will meet the challenge?

Stage 1 BOM
Robot Chassis With Servos –
UNO R3 – Compatible with Arduino –
Battery Holder 9V with switch –
Mini Breadboard 45 x 35 mm – (Optional)
Jumper Cable Combo M-M, M-F, F-F 10cm – (Optional)

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