Meetup – 9 April 2014

So this week we spent most of the meeting reorganising the space to make it easier to move around and prevent people tripping over cables

This included throwing away quite a bit of unused items that was taking up quite a bit of the space
I had a spare carpet that I brought down to the space making it feel a little more friendly.
We also setup a makeshift basin with a water drum so we could wash cups etc.
cleaned up the board and wrote up a wish list of tools and items we want to add to the space
Marcel started putting together the frame for the cnc. We are just missing part of the base so that will be added next week.The motors were wired up and hopefully be able to control the electronics in the next coming weeks so they ready for the frame

matt rewired the toaster oven to bypass the built in temp sensor and timer so we could test the control unit without the oven doing its own thing

I had a bright spark idea to try insulate the oven with a space blanket as I had seen others online doing. I tested a piece of it in my oven at home and it survived the heat.
We covered the inside of the oven with the blanket and fired it, it worked till about 110C when things started to go pear shape as we noticed white spoke coming out of the joints.

We quickly shut it down and had to fan out the room, luckily we didnt need to use the non existent fire extinguisher (I think we need a fire extinguisher on the wish list.

Mark spent the night fighting with MWeb over his server that wouldn’t boot up and thus didn’t brew the new batch of beer this week.
We had a tasted of the beer and you can definitely taste the flavours coming together this week 2 weeks to go till we ready to bottle it.
Whats on the agenda next week?
Matts cutting an aluminium plate for the top of the oven so we can protect the insulation from touching the element.
We will also fabricate a temp sensor holder that will have the temp sensor mounted close to where the boards will be lying in the oven.
Ill be bringing the missing part of the cnc frame and working more on the reflow oven controller.
Mark will be brewing his first batch of beer (Work permitting)
We will be discussing the manifesto in greater detail and hopefully vote on the spaces new name.
Till next week…
Happy Hacking

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