Last Night’s Meetup 30/07/2014


What does soldering, chatting, testing and pizza have in common? A super meet up at Maker Labs!

Compared to previous meet ups, last night was a bit lean but fun none the less….

The evening started off with Mark going on with his tin-foil-hat theories and Matthew designed the best looking TFH for Mark


Kurt purchased a Nucleo board recommended by Lee, and brought it along for some testing and playing. The whole team was on hand giving him some tips and advice.



Matthew’s miniature robots is taking shape. Devin brought along some SMD components for the robot swarms, and Matthew had great fun soldering these minute components onto the proto-board.


Black Jack is making awesome progress and is very close to printing it’s first print. Devin shared some expert knowledge on the software and firmware for the printer.


Whilst Jack Frost is about three weeks away from it’s first print.



Marius decided that Franken Printer is not enough, and a Franken Scnner is needed by any maker space. He started playing with an old scanner donated to Maker Labs.


What will we get up to next week? Who knows…. But I know  it’s gonna be another rocking night!

Over and out!

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