Last Nights Meetup – 23/04/14

This weeks meetup was pretty productive when looking back at it.
I arrived to a pretty squeaky clean cave. Matt brought his vacuum cleaner and some cleaning products and got the place looking top notch.
A few boxes where moved out of the way to make more room and the desks extended to add extra table space.
Sadly some miscommunication led to the bottling of the american pale ale to Saturday due to lack of sanitizer.
Matt brought some of his home brewed beer. It was a smooth tasting pale corona like beer.

We finally got a consensus on the new name for the space and should announce it in the coming weeks.
We discussed a tool fund. We this will be made possible by making toasted sandwiches instead of ordering pizza every week.
This will reduce the need for members to truck their kit in and out of the space each week.
Marius remembered his printer this week and printed a impressive translucent bottle opener

Mark powered ahead with his soldering on his kit board.

Marcel finished wiring up the electronics for the cnc. We will fire up linuxcnc next week with the electronics connected and see if everything is operational

Matt started on modifications to lighten his quadcopter frame and get it ready for when his fpv goggles arrive from the states.

What’s in store for the next meetup:

We planned out new workspace that will be built up in the coming weeks

Linuxcnc running on a machine and talking to the cnc control board

Connecting up some end stops and a emergency stop button to cnc

Some AVR programming.

More testing on the reflow oven build.

Toasted Sandwiches.

Some board designing

Till next time…

Happy Hacking!

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