Last Night’s Meetup 16/7/14

We had great fun last night, with some new faces and some new hacks at #makerlabs


Jan told his car that the Arduino is a CD Shuttle, and this way he can connect bluetooth and other devices.


Marcel and Steven worked very hard on their 3D printers and making some good progress. Marcel started mounting electronics and cleaned some wiring and Steven received some parts from Devin and started wiring of the mega.
Marcel’s printer was nicknamed JackFrost a few months ago by friends of his, and so last night, Steven’s printer was name – BlackJack


Matthew started working on his robot swarm, collecting a vibrating motor from an old cellphone…
Keeping his work space very tidy!


Marius brought along local resident, Franken Printer and showed off some of the toys he has printed.


Mark worked on his Pi and and code. He also had a chat with Marcel about some gam development in the near future. But his main contribution to the evening was the preparation of the toaster….
Thx Mark!


Next week?

More building, tweeting, and eating!
Come join us…

Till next time, happy making!

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