Last Night’s MeetUp 13/08/14


Due to work and life interfering with our making time, we skipped/missed last week’s wire up. We really do apologise for that, please mail your written complaints to the MLCCSA(MakerLabs Complaints Commission South Africa), and they will get back to you in due time. But in the meantime, please join us next week to voice your complaints and have a brilliantly crafted beer with us.

Back to business then… T’was a good meet last night, with four barrels of beer being prepared for bottling. The o so famous capper machine was working ¬†overtime and Mat’s beer pump, pumped many litres of beer.


Mark received his shipment of Arduino products last week and started playing with the LCD. We all celebrated when he finally got “Hallo World” printed on the screen! Now Mark, how about loading Mac OS on that?


Marius worked on the “gate-opener-2000” that Devin built to get it to version 2, while Lee and Kurt toiled away at a distance sensor and the Nucleo board.


Marcel finally gave power to JackFrost, and behold, no smoke. He is bout two weeks away from his first print… Stephen showed off his printer, BlackJacK, and some of the very nice prints.



99 bottles of beer in the cave, 99 bottles of beer….

Mat will carry on working on his SkyNet swarm of robots next week, and Devin will tackle a card reading machine for cave entry maybe? JF will be closer to a first print and we will have some locally crafted beer.

Cheers vir eers!


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