Robot Challenges

The Robot Challenges has officially started.

Robot Challenge Stage 1
Complete the set maze by traversing the maze from one end to the other end. Your robot should not use any sensors. The cubes are 230mm by 230mm. There are 4 waypoints and you have to start from the beginning each time. Your name and time goes on the scoreboard on each waypoint you pass.

If you beat stage 1 (reach wp4), you win a custom made MakerLabs Robot Challenges Stage 1 medallion.

The Set Maze
Score Board
Simple no sensor bot.

Prize are subject to change on each stage of the Robot Challenges.

Good luck robot technicians.

The challenge has been made. Who will meet the challenge?

Stage 1 BOM
Robot Chassis With Servos –
UNO R3 – Compatible with Arduino –
Battery Holder 9V with switch –
Mini Breadboard 45 x 35 mm – (Optional)
Jumper Cable Combo M-M, M-F, F-F 10cm – (Optional)

Getting or making your own 3D Printer

Getting a 3D Printer can be a rewarding experience. To get one you would either have to get a fully assembles printer or a kit. The kits can be imported from China/AliExpress or even a local supplier like which sells kits around R6000.00. But the most rewarding is to build your own printer.

I have been working on one built around a 20×20 aluminium frame using several designs.

The design has a 300x300x400 print volume.

Most of the hardware you can order from


Come join us and make your own printer and learn from many experienced makers.

Collecting data on the edge of space!

Weather balloon payload development and having a fun time doing it.

MakerLabs is going to participate more directly in the next weather balloon launch that Binaryspace launches on 4 August 2018 @ Deneysville. The callsign is Binary04.

MakerLabs’s payload has two components. Radio repeater and a community goal of a data acquisition module. The payload will include a temperature and humidity sensor that will store data using a data logger module. Everything will be controlled using a Arduino nano and powered with a LiPo 3.3v battery.

Optional sensors that can be included depending on how many participants assist in the build can include:

  • altitude,
  • voltage probe,
  • solar cell.

Anyone that wants to participate in the project and future projects join us at MakerLabs and learn about electronics, robots, additive manufacturing, ham radio and even some magic the gathering if you feel brave.

So join us next time and have a blast doing learning all kinds of maker stuff.

Find us on meetup for regular meeting details.

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Next Meetup

Weekly Open Night

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019, 6:00 PM
3 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


Workshops coming soon

Hi Makers,

So this year has kicked off and we are slowly starting to get our projects off the ground.
This year we will focus on collaborations with other maker groups in developing and presenting workshops in different fields. The workshops we are looking into are in the field of robotics.
When we are all up and running we will advise on the wait time and cost of the kits so that we can have more frequent wokshops.

We are excited on the plans for this year and hope you join us in this adventure of learning and experimenting.

Watch this space!

MakerLabs Team

Sumo Bot JNR build, next week regular meetup group build.

Hey All,

So Devin and Matt have been building Sumo bot at Makerlabs over the last few months sourcing and testing a customized but mostly standard Sumo Bot JNR’s. We have a few standard contest arenas built for basic battle with some future one day challenges to test your problem solving skills.

For the regulars or adventurous below is a kit list of what is required, buy what you need dont buy what you have and get your parts together for a build next week. Feel free to buy from where ever you like this is just for easy reference, the servos we would suggest to order these exact units.

Description Qty Unit Cost Total Link
Line Follwer Module 2 R28.50 R57.00
Continuos Servo 2 R256.50 R513.00
Ultrasonic Sensor 1 R96.90 R96.90
Arduino Uno 1 R215.46 R215.46
Battery Holder 1 R20.52 R20.52
Ball bearing 1 R25.00 R25.00 Ask Matthew/Devin
Bearing Holder 1 R5.00 R5.00 Ask Matthew/Devin To 3D Print
Frame 1 R5.00 R5.00 Ask Matthew/Devin To mill/cut
    Total Cost ex Frame R937.88  


Here is a link to the GIT Hub files with the cutting files (for reference) as well as the Arduino code to get you started. Feel free to chop and change the code as you see fit.


Feel free to contact Devin or Matthew ASAP if you need help with sourcing parts and to let us know if you need a frame so we can arrange it gets cut, print bearing holder and purchase bearing for the front castor for you.

Happy hacking, hope to see you next week for the build.



Antenna Build Day

Come join Makerlabs on a our antenna skill building day. During the course we will cover basic antenna theory, build and test a high gain 5.8 GHz antenna suitable for FPV analog video. The course will start at 9:00 and we aim to finish at 14:00.
In this course, you will
  • Receive a presentation on basic antenna theory (radio frequency propagation, impedance matching, coupler, filters, radiation patterns, gain etc)
  • Build your own high gain dish mountable 5.8 GHz antenna (ideal for long range analog video) – complete with SMA connector and coax, ready to use (all material supplied as part of the course)
  • Test the performance of your antenna by measuring the reflection and end-to-end transfer using a transmitter/receiver circuit
  • Compare the performance of your antenna with other designs, like a patch and clover leaf antenna
The course will be valuable for FPV pilots and hobbiest who would like to learn more about the dark art of RF and how to maximize the performance of their existing equipment.
Cost: R650 per person
Date & Time: 08 April 2017, starting at 9:00 until 14:00
Venue: Made In Workshop, 65 Maria Street, Fonteinebleau, Randburg


Makerlabs meetup – 14/10/15

Hey All,

Another good meetup with Marius, Marcel, Stephen, Kevin and myself in attendance.

Stephen played around with his some new particle photons

I brought a cnc’ed piece of perspex to show what my cnc has been up too.

Marius brought us some of the ABS parts he has been printing. Looking really good after his tweaks this week.

A video of some of the parts in action

I finished up my 250 quad. gave it a bit of a test flight.

Marius managed to get a video of  some of it.
Till next week.
Happy Hacking

An update on what’s been happening at Makerlabs

We have had some fantastic meetups in the last few weeks its been amazing.  Between the conversations there is a lot of hacking going on. Some of the active projects Ive seen in the space in the last few weeks: electric bike,  ham radio aprs tracking units, quadcopters, 3d printers, a battle bot and some home automation

I would like to say welcome to all our new members who have joined us in the last few weeks.  We have seen a lot of new faces joining in and we look forward to seeing many more. We are a open space and everyone is welcome.

I would like to extend a thank you to our members who have donated tools, funds and their time. The space is really coming together and we are starting to reap the benefits of all the effort put in thus far. If anyone has any spare tools or items you believe would aid the space we love to take them off your hands.

After chatting with the regular members we decided that we would formalize the contributions in to a membership fee. We have been accepting membership fees since Feb and we are starting to see the benefits of these contributions with us filling up the tool board on a weekly basic with everyday tools you would need to hack with. I encourage anyone who cant afford to contribute with money is welcome to speak to Marius or myself about contributing in other way to make the space better.



Last Night’s MeetUp 13/08/14


Due to work and life interfering with our making time, we skipped/missed last week’s wire up. We really do apologise for that, please mail your written complaints to the MLCCSA(MakerLabs Complaints Commission South Africa), and they will get back to you in due time. But in the meantime, please join us next week to voice your complaints and have a brilliantly crafted beer with us.

Back to business then… T’was a good meet last night, with four barrels of beer being prepared for bottling. The o so famous capper machine was working  overtime and Mat’s beer pump, pumped many litres of beer.


Mark received his shipment of Arduino products last week and started playing with the LCD. We all celebrated when he finally got “Hallo World” printed on the screen! Now Mark, how about loading Mac OS on that?


Marius worked on the “gate-opener-2000” that Devin built to get it to version 2, while Lee and Kurt toiled away at a distance sensor and the Nucleo board.


Marcel finally gave power to JackFrost, and behold, no smoke. He is bout two weeks away from his first print… Stephen showed off his printer, BlackJacK, and some of the very nice prints.



99 bottles of beer in the cave, 99 bottles of beer….

Mat will carry on working on his SkyNet swarm of robots next week, and Devin will tackle a card reading machine for cave entry maybe? JF will be closer to a first print and we will have some locally crafted beer.

Cheers vir eers!